Welcome to the 58th ETDS in Kaiserslautern!

The ETDS (European Tournament for Dancing Students) is a ‚breitensport‘ tournament in ballroom and latin dances taking place twice a year. Dancers from many European universities compete for the popular challenge cup ‚Der Maus‘.

Students, employees of the university and fans of competitive dancing meet at different venues and pursue their common passion: dancing! All levels, beginners to experienced dancers, get together at this tournament.

To include all different levels of dancing, the tournament is divided into a ‚breitensport‘ and ‚open‘ category.

At the beginning of the tournament dancers of the ‚breitensport‘ pass through a qualification round to be split up into three classes: amateurs, professionals and masters. Each of these classes carries out its own independent tournament concluding in a final round with open scoring.

The tournament of the ‚open‘ addresses to dancers who hold or have ever held a starting permission and those attending tournament oriented classes.

Alongside the sportive competition, the main thing is to have fun and to enjoy the weekend.